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May. 31st, 2018

Make It Fun!

W E L C O M E!!!☆

☆ Fandom
→ This blog focuses on Musical Academy mainly.
→ This blog is friends only, but you do not have to add me to read fandom posts.
→ All translations, picspams and any kind of information sharing will be post publicly.
→ Comments are appreciated on posts but WEBCLAP is much easier way. It would make me really happy if you would choose one of these options.
→ Feel free to add to follow fandom posts easily. You will not be added back unless you comment in this post.

☆ Private
→ 90% English, 5% Japanese, 5& Turkish blog.
→ Surveys, fangirling, school are the main point of my Flocked posts.
→ Please comment here to be my friend. I do not add back unless you comment here.

☆ The person behind the blog
→ I do like reading fanfictions, as well as writing them (though rarely.)
→ I am a big fan of daisenpai Johnnys bands such as Hikaru Genji, Shounentai and The Goodbye.
→ I strongly dislike bands such as HSJ and snowprince or whatever jr bands.
→ My aikata is the best ♥

Please do not add me if you are one of those people who care very much about commenting because I hardly have time to comment even though I read all the posts. Feel free to IM me from #misosiru24 if you have any questions about MA or just felt like chatting.

That's it folks~ ♥

よろしく ~ ♪

Mar. 4th, 2015

Make It Fun!

It's been forever!

I don't know if there's anyone left still using LJ but...

I've been to Yone's new restaurant boobooliv.

Ah he's really kind and calm.
The menu was really good too.

I took some pictures but I can share it with you guys later if you like.

If you know me you'd also know how much I love him so I was super nervous. (-A-)
I could only nervously say that I was a big fan and I'll keep supporting him.
I don't think he was expecting a random gaijin show up and blurt she's a big fan.
So he just said thank you.
Sorry Yone!

Ah but he was really sweet.


Jan. 4th, 2015

Make It Fun!


One step closer to being organized? (laugh)

INDEXCollapse )

Aug. 5th, 2012

Machida Shingo: Not a Tsuyoshi!


I guess it's been a long time.

I didn't really update here either.
I apologize for that.

The last news I'm going to share after a long time is going to be a sad one too, though I'm sure you all have heard about it.

Yonehana Tsuyoshi is retiring from Johnnys Agency!

It's really good for him ♥ I really want to support him in whatever direction he takes but at the same time I'm extremely sad. I kind of still hope that he will still work with KinKi Kids but...

I will have the King KinKi Kids as a memory of at least watching him live the last time, if not.

Yonehana-kun, thank you! I loved you very much and although I couldn't keep supporting you until the end, I will always think of you fondly and won't forget the times I was really happy because of you and MA!

And good luck with whatever path you choose to take from now on.

I want to write a lot of things but I'm really sad.

With this, it's going to be finally the end of Aishite yaMAnai too.
I won't stop loving MA but I guess there isn't much of MA left to continue loving.
It's a heartbreaking news, although in a positive mood. I don't know how to feel about it.

This was all.

Also, thank you everyone for supporting this blog while I was writing it.
Always sharing your thoughts and information with me,
and enjoying many things about MA together, I will never forget it.

This was Nanami.

Jan. 10th, 2012

Make It Fun!

Yonehana Tsuyoshi Jweb Translation 2011 December 16

Flower 186   SUPERSTAR

He~lloIt's Pana
Have you seen the total eclipse of the moon
I was at rehearsal without even knowing it was the total eclipse of the moon
Just when I finished rehearsing, STAFF-san was talking about something starting so I wondered what it was that started
When I asked because I was curious, they told me today was the total eclipse of the moon so I went outside to watch it It really had just started so I didn't feel bad about not knowing there was an eclipse
Even if that day the weather was nice, and maybe because it was cold, I could see the moon well.
When I was returning home I thought it was good timing, and went back home.
So then, right when it was just about half of it was dark red, it was fantastic but, the moon seemed slightly eerie.  You could properly see it even if you were at the middle of the city so I wonder if it was seen even more pretty at places with clear weather
It seems that the next time it happens is some years ahead so I was glad the timing was well and I could see it
Changing the subject...Recently I've been doing rehearsals for SHOCK and KinKi's concert but I went to see [MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE LIVE] that was in Yoyogi
【MICHAEL JACKSON】 the Superstar who everyone knows
I like him very much too
At this LIVE, with things like TRAVIS-san who was the choreographer for Michael Jackson, and this time also doing a choreography for SHOCK, having a stage apparence, it was a splendid and luxurious LIVE
I never saw TRAVIS-san dancing on stage live before, it was the first time I saw it but I thought he was really an amazing person afterall
But, after that I was happy that he especially came over to where we were  I love both the TRAVIS-san who is dancing on the stage in a very cool way and TRAVIS-san who is open-hearted(&frank, social--not sure how to translate)
Such fantastic LIVE
I got drunk with the air of this amazing LIVE which everyone in the audience hall spent time expressing their gratitude to Michael Jackson, while the dances, the songs, everything were dedicated to Michael Jackson
I fully realized once again that Michael Jackson is a superstar now and forever  As I thought, going to see a LIVE really brings motivation
Yo~sh, I will also do my best to make the best KinKi Concert and the best SHOCK

Jan. 9th, 2012

Make It Fun!

Yonehana Tsuyoshi Jweb Translation 2011 December 9

Flower 185 The Healing Hallyu

He~lloIt's Pana
Just when I thought the muscular pains have healed, they started once again at the practices for sword fight scenes
It's the same as always but, at sword fight, it's a different kind of tiredness and pain than it is with dancing ne
But, I like sword fighting too so I'll do my best to move
This year as well, can I have a sword battle that kills people, I wonder
Maa, a kind sword battle that doesn't kill people isn't bad either though ne But I don't know, since we didn't do it all yet
Also we are doing the rehearsals for KinKi's concerts at the same time as SHOCK
Both SHOCK and KinKi's concerts have a lot of things to memorize so it's quite tough
That's why when every day's schedule is tightly packed, the day passes in an instant
During all these, what heals me is watching the Hallyu Dramas that are being rebroadcasted Since re-broadcasted dramas are on TV everyday, it's the best for the short-tempered me who is really weak at waiting for a whole week to see a new episode.
Recently I've been busy and didn't have the time to go see a movie, so I record and watch those dramas at home
On days when I'm tired, while I watch those before I sleep, I feel like going to sleep just like that, but when I endure that and sleep after watching it until the end, I feel refreshed I'm not that tired today so I might watch those that I have recorded before
But before that I'm hungry so I'll do it after I eat
Make It Fun!

Yonehana Tsuyoshi Jweb Translation 2011 December 2

Flower 184 The necessary muscular pain
He~lloIt's Pana
It's been raining today so I feel gloomy a little
It became cold and the flu also seems to be spreading so take care ne
Even so today is quite cold na
Well, I talked about this last week too but next year from January SHOCK will be starting
So, now and then we're practisingI heard that this time, there'll be a song that TRAVIS-san is going to make the choreography for, so I was looking forward to it
It's been a while since we had a choreography by TRAVIS-san
I danced to TRAVIS-sans choreography when I first acted in the stageplay [PLAY ZONE], I had thought that it nothing like the choreographies that I ever danced to before
But, that choreography was very astonishing and I had a lot of fun dancing From then on too, he made choreographies for [PLAY ZONE] several times.
He came to watch SHOCK in the summer of last year, and we could meet after a long time
Moreover, I was happy that he remembered me
It was probably 8 years ago that we last had him make a choreography, so it was 8 years since we last met
But I didn't think we didn't see each other for that long naa TRAVIS-san is a world famous choreographer-san but he is very willing to keep contact so we can do it with fun
Ofcourse when he is strict, conversely he is very strict ne Variation is important ne
I am very happy to be able to dance to such TRAVIS-san's choreography once again
We did that choreography a while ago It doesn't mean that we received the choreography from TRAVIS-san yet but , it seems that he already finished the choreography
I think it's a type of a choreography that has never been in SHOCK until now
It's so cool and feels good to dance to 
Only, it really leads into a lot of muscular pain
Well there's also that I'm still working my best just to remember the choreography yet too But, as I thought I am using different muscles than the ones I always do when I'm dancing so I will dance a lot and get used to those movements naa
SHOCK always progresses forward
From now on too, to not be left behind by the company, I will use more physical strength and do my best so that we can make a good play together
Make It Fun!

Yonehana Tsuyoshi Jweb Translation

Flower 183  Hot Hot
He~lloIt's Pana
It's hot
Still, as winter approaches, it's gotten cold on a full-scale ne
I already brought out my blanket, and had nabe
On cold days, nabe is the best
Let's eat a lot of nabe this year
As winter approaches, SHOCK does too
SHOCK next year is amazing ne
Say whatFor four months
Iyaa、SHOCK really keeps on progressingA while ago、
I was in an interview together with Koichi-kun
It was a different athosphere from the stageplay so I was a little nervous
Come to think of it、I work together with Koichi-kun a lot but、we hardly do stuff like photographing for magazines
We were having a conversation but、hearing Koichi-kun's thoughts and such for SHOCK once again, I thought I wanted to see SHOCK tooThat's just how much Koichi-kun is embracing his hot feelings concerning SHOCK and pouring it all
Ofcourse I'm also really glad to be allowed to have a part next year too,  I will stand on the stage with hot feelings that will not lose to Koichi-kun.
I have a lot of memories with that stageplay and all because it's thanks to SHOCK that I have met an amazing play in an amazing theather.Besides, next year, it's the first time SHOCK will be performed in somewhere other than Imperial Theather ne
I neither have been to or performed in Hakataza but, I heard that it's an extremely wonderful theather
Moreover I wonder what it'll be like since it's the first time we will leave Tokyo to perform it.
As expected I want to show SHOCK to a lot of different people so I was also really happy about performing in Fukuoka this time. Maa, at any rate, to get through 4 months of SHOCK next year I have to keep on to my physical strength
Moreover since everyone in the company of SHOCK is doing it with hot feelings, I think it'll be a good play.
I'm looking forward to next years SHOCK more than the usual so everyone please also look forward to it ne

Jan. 8th, 2012

Make It Fun!

I heard you like Yone!

Yonehana Jweb translation
The language of Flowers (Hana Kotoba = Pana Kotoba = Yone's words )

182 Flowers , The result of being tricked

Hello, this is Pana. (His nickname, often was used by Sho of Arashi)
Iyaa, it's remarkably had gotten cold ne.
A while ago, I took out my winter clothes from the depths of my closet and arranged them
I'm not wearing down(ダウン?) or coats yet but there are people who do, ne.
Afterall at Karuizawa they had started the Skiing places.
Ah, I went to Karuizawa. Maa, at first I went to Saitama to watch autumn colors.
As I thought, during autumn you have to watch autumn colors!
While on my way, I researched and found the best watching spot!
At first, I went there.
I traveled for like 2 hours and arrived quite deep into the mountains but, I couldn't see the autumn colors much so with slight insecurity I thought maybe once I'm out of the tunnels I'll get to see it, so I built up expectations in my chest and finally arrived at the place.
Umm. Where are the autumn colors!?
At the mountains, there was this sign:
"Saitama with pretty autumn colors"
Where?! Where are the pretty autumn colors~
It was probably already over ne.
Since before the day I went there was also rain and all...
Even if saaa, when I looked it up it had said now was the best time to see it... I was wrong at believing that information too but I wanted to put up the latest information naaa, (sucks to be) returning back like this naaa, since I felt like that I thought I'd go to Karuizawa which is not that far away.
I went to Karuizawa several times but it felt like it had been a while since I last went.
But when I reached there, it was already in the evening.
The hamburgers at Karuizawa are delicious so I went there to eat.
I always go to that place everytime I come to Karuizawa. I ate the delicious food there and forgot all my purposes and was about to return when my friend said he found a cheap place so let's stay there. So we ended up turning the trip into 1 night 2 days one.
It might have been because there were 3 of us, but it was really cheap for 5000yen a night.
The next day when we asked the people at the place we stayed at about the trees, they had said it was already mostly over.
Maa, that's right ne, because we hadn't decided on anything, we thought about it while eating
I went to the pizza place with the worlds number 1 pizza maker, which I had went there the last time I came to Karuizawa too,
the pizza that was made by the worlds number 1 pizza maker was the best.
We finished the food while thinking where to go next
We left without properly deciding on a place
When we did that,
We found a sign board that said "White thread waterfall" (Shiraito no Taki)
Since we didn't know what it was like, we went to see.


It was like this. The height was around 3 meters, and it seems that because the water was falling like white threads it was called the white thread waterfall.
I was healed with so many minus ions.
It's amazing that waterfalls and such are not manmade but happens naturally.
As you can see from the picture too, the leaves were through the autumn colors and had already been withering and falling
I guess I'll anticipate the next year again.

After that we went to the Outlet. You must go to the outlet if you come to Karuizawa ne.
This time I could shop as it is, so it was good.
Thanks to that, I was really exhausted by the time we returned.

Sadly I didn't get to see the autumn colors but it might have been good that I was tricked to go out.
Since I like Karuizawa's athmosphere and streets, next time I want to visit while being more at ease.
Even if you go unplanned, you can have fun naa.

Make It Fun!

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