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Takizawa Kabuki Details

Are you looking forward to it?

So far we knew only that Takki and Yaracchi are going to be in it. Well, wonder no more! Shochiku's HP has updated with details and the cast, and I'm going to share them in a moment.

The performances will start at Heisei22 (I know, Kabuki language that's 2010), 4th April.
It is until the 8th of May that it will continue (that gives Yara 2 months to rest until Shock.) It's a full packed schedule, mostly with days with two performances. Noon 1 pm and Night 6 pm are the hours. The only days without the performance are April 9, 23 and 30.

One ticket is sold at 12,000 yen. That's approx. 120 dollar or something. In my language that's (are you crazy?!?). I hope Yara's getting paid enough for this (laugh).

Starring and Production are by Takki himself. So far I don't know what it's going to be about except that he's going to be in the female role and Yara is playing as his lover (sadly they already said that there won't be any kiss scenes.)

Ofcourse it's Takki and Yara we're talking about so the other actors are the Juniors Galore.

Takizawa Hideaki

Yara Tomoyuki
M.A.D (and all 12 of them)

And I suppose the other kabuki actors whose names I don't know. I skipped the jr's names as well, even though it was written because I didn't want to romaji all of it (laugh)*was feeling lazy*. Either way, it seems that Kisumai won't be in this Kabuki - probably because it clashes with their Spring Tour or something? .And M.A.D and MADE gets a role but Maachin and Yone are neglected. Two very important members of the MUSICAL ACADEMY generation is missing, so it kinda sucks.

I'm protesting this kabuki :P

Anyway, the meaningless bitterness aside- I'm happy for Yara. Good job! Pretty sure Takki got They Budou as a package coming with Yaracchi (inseperatableWHAT?), and I'm glad of that too. I like them, tough I hardly know much about them. Yamamoto is cute.

On the other hand Missnowman and Bishadow, I could care less about (laugh) Well, good luck on the boys with their kabuki*work, and looking forward to the reports of those love scenes.

Hope you enjoyed this kind of fail reporting ♥ Till later~



Ofcourse it's Takki and Yara we're talking about so the other actors are the Juniors Galore.
Somehow I find this line very cute ahahah. Reminds me of diamondjack's MA pimp post lol.

I've never watched any kabuki show before so I'm a little intrigued now that these guys are doing it. Takki and Yara are about the only ones I'd recognize though! ^^0
Hahahahhaahh, well... (laugh)

I am also curious. I don't care much about bis or missnowman but I do adore M.A.D and Theybudou - *still in the progress of getting to know them* and ABC-Z is good too.

I wonder how they're going to pull it off though..I mean..Kabuki is seriousbusiness isn't it? XD; ah well, we just have to wait and see. I bet there'll be WS report on it or something eventually.
Yara doesn't get his bandmates but he does get his favourite bitch boys :p Ah well, I like THEY.
I wonder who MADE will consist of. Not that I know much about them. But last time I looked, their page was gone from wikipedia, so I'm intrigued :\
ahh i can get you the list of their names in the cast-list if you want? :D
oh~ that'd be cool :D;
xD late comment. As soon as I clicked post, I saw yours

that one failed, so I did a c/p again ♥
whoa~ that's a whole lot of juniors that i have no clue about o__0 i wouldn't know a missnowman if you hit me on the head with one.

silly takki - he should've asked yone and macchin to be in the play instead!