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I heard you like Yone!

Yonehana Jweb translation
The language of Flowers (Hana Kotoba = Pana Kotoba = Yone's words )

182 Flowers , The result of being tricked

Hello, this is Pana. (His nickname, often was used by Sho of Arashi)
Iyaa, it's remarkably had gotten cold ne.
A while ago, I took out my winter clothes from the depths of my closet and arranged them
I'm not wearing down(ダウン?) or coats yet but there are people who do, ne.
Afterall at Karuizawa they had started the Skiing places.
Ah, I went to Karuizawa. Maa, at first I went to Saitama to watch autumn colors.
As I thought, during autumn you have to watch autumn colors!
While on my way, I researched and found the best watching spot!
At first, I went there.
I traveled for like 2 hours and arrived quite deep into the mountains but, I couldn't see the autumn colors much so with slight insecurity I thought maybe once I'm out of the tunnels I'll get to see it, so I built up expectations in my chest and finally arrived at the place.
Umm. Where are the autumn colors!?
At the mountains, there was this sign:
"Saitama with pretty autumn colors"
Where?! Where are the pretty autumn colors~
It was probably already over ne.
Since before the day I went there was also rain and all...
Even if saaa, when I looked it up it had said now was the best time to see it... I was wrong at believing that information too but I wanted to put up the latest information naaa, (sucks to be) returning back like this naaa, since I felt like that I thought I'd go to Karuizawa which is not that far away.
I went to Karuizawa several times but it felt like it had been a while since I last went.
But when I reached there, it was already in the evening.
The hamburgers at Karuizawa are delicious so I went there to eat.
I always go to that place everytime I come to Karuizawa. I ate the delicious food there and forgot all my purposes and was about to return when my friend said he found a cheap place so let's stay there. So we ended up turning the trip into 1 night 2 days one.
It might have been because there were 3 of us, but it was really cheap for 5000yen a night.
The next day when we asked the people at the place we stayed at about the trees, they had said it was already mostly over.
Maa, that's right ne, because we hadn't decided on anything, we thought about it while eating
I went to the pizza place with the worlds number 1 pizza maker, which I had went there the last time I came to Karuizawa too,
the pizza that was made by the worlds number 1 pizza maker was the best.
We finished the food while thinking where to go next
We left without properly deciding on a place
When we did that,
We found a sign board that said "White thread waterfall" (Shiraito no Taki)
Since we didn't know what it was like, we went to see.


It was like this. The height was around 3 meters, and it seems that because the water was falling like white threads it was called the white thread waterfall.
I was healed with so many minus ions.
It's amazing that waterfalls and such are not manmade but happens naturally.
As you can see from the picture too, the leaves were through the autumn colors and had already been withering and falling
I guess I'll anticipate the next year again.

After that we went to the Outlet. You must go to the outlet if you come to Karuizawa ne.
This time I could shop as it is, so it was good.
Thanks to that, I was really exhausted by the time we returned.

Sadly I didn't get to see the autumn colors but it might have been good that I was tricked to go out.
Since I like Karuizawa's athmosphere and streets, next time I want to visit while being more at ease.
Even if you go unplanned, you can have fun naa.



Yone as always very intelligent and thoughtful. just very nice))))
Thank you very much for the translation!<333