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Yonehana Tsuyoshi Jweb Translation

Flower 183  Hot Hot
He~lloIt's Pana
It's hot
Still, as winter approaches, it's gotten cold on a full-scale ne
I already brought out my blanket, and had nabe
On cold days, nabe is the best
Let's eat a lot of nabe this year
As winter approaches, SHOCK does too
SHOCK next year is amazing ne
Say whatFor four months
Iyaa、SHOCK really keeps on progressingA while ago、
I was in an interview together with Koichi-kun
It was a different athosphere from the stageplay so I was a little nervous
Come to think of it、I work together with Koichi-kun a lot but、we hardly do stuff like photographing for magazines
We were having a conversation but、hearing Koichi-kun's thoughts and such for SHOCK once again, I thought I wanted to see SHOCK tooThat's just how much Koichi-kun is embracing his hot feelings concerning SHOCK and pouring it all
Ofcourse I'm also really glad to be allowed to have a part next year too,  I will stand on the stage with hot feelings that will not lose to Koichi-kun.
I have a lot of memories with that stageplay and all because it's thanks to SHOCK that I have met an amazing play in an amazing theather.Besides, next year, it's the first time SHOCK will be performed in somewhere other than Imperial Theather ne
I neither have been to or performed in Hakataza but, I heard that it's an extremely wonderful theather
Moreover I wonder what it'll be like since it's the first time we will leave Tokyo to perform it.
As expected I want to show SHOCK to a lot of different people so I was also really happy about performing in Fukuoka this time. Maa, at any rate, to get through 4 months of SHOCK next year I have to keep on to my physical strength
Moreover since everyone in the company of SHOCK is doing it with hot feelings, I think it'll be a good play.
I'm looking forward to next years SHOCK more than the usual so everyone please also look forward to it ne


SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK I really like SHOCK I'm gonna do my best in SHOCK Yone I love you so very very very much it's almost a SHOCK

I hope they don't end up too skinny by the end of April ;A; Four months plus moving venues, boys you better remember to take care of yourselves +_+
hi there pretty icon ♡ what are you thinking about!

HAHAHAH that's just so many SHOCK in one jweb

It's Okay, Yone's checking everybodys weights at the end of each show. They'll be fine.
Yone thinks that he is waiting for a Shock next year? naively cute))
this is from his jweb back in 2011 so he's talking about this SHOCK :)
i guessed)) but I would like to Yone's solo work. well, or solo work for MA)