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Make It Fun!

Yonehana Tsuyoshi Jweb Translation 2011 December 16

Flower 186   SUPERSTAR

He~lloIt's Pana
Have you seen the total eclipse of the moon
I was at rehearsal without even knowing it was the total eclipse of the moon
Just when I finished rehearsing, STAFF-san was talking about something starting so I wondered what it was that started
When I asked because I was curious, they told me today was the total eclipse of the moon so I went outside to watch it It really had just started so I didn't feel bad about not knowing there was an eclipse
Even if that day the weather was nice, and maybe because it was cold, I could see the moon well.
When I was returning home I thought it was good timing, and went back home.
So then, right when it was just about half of it was dark red, it was fantastic but, the moon seemed slightly eerie.  You could properly see it even if you were at the middle of the city so I wonder if it was seen even more pretty at places with clear weather
It seems that the next time it happens is some years ahead so I was glad the timing was well and I could see it
Changing the subject...Recently I've been doing rehearsals for SHOCK and KinKi's concert but I went to see [MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE LIVE] that was in Yoyogi
【MICHAEL JACKSON】 the Superstar who everyone knows
I like him very much too
At this LIVE, with things like TRAVIS-san who was the choreographer for Michael Jackson, and this time also doing a choreography for SHOCK, having a stage apparence, it was a splendid and luxurious LIVE
I never saw TRAVIS-san dancing on stage live before, it was the first time I saw it but I thought he was really an amazing person afterall
But, after that I was happy that he especially came over to where we were  I love both the TRAVIS-san who is dancing on the stage in a very cool way and TRAVIS-san who is open-hearted(&frank, social--not sure how to translate)
Such fantastic LIVE
I got drunk with the air of this amazing LIVE which everyone in the audience hall spent time expressing their gratitude to Michael Jackson, while the dances, the songs, everything were dedicated to Michael Jackson
I fully realized once again that Michael Jackson is a superstar now and forever  As I thought, going to see a LIVE really brings motivation
Yo~sh, I will also do my best to make the best KinKi Concert and the best SHOCK