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Machida Shingo: Not a Tsuyoshi!


I guess it's been a long time.

I didn't really update here either.
I apologize for that.

The last news I'm going to share after a long time is going to be a sad one too, though I'm sure you all have heard about it.

Yonehana Tsuyoshi is retiring from Johnnys Agency!

It's really good for him ♥ I really want to support him in whatever direction he takes but at the same time I'm extremely sad. I kind of still hope that he will still work with KinKi Kids but...

I will have the King KinKi Kids as a memory of at least watching him live the last time, if not.

Yonehana-kun, thank you! I loved you very much and although I couldn't keep supporting you until the end, I will always think of you fondly and won't forget the times I was really happy because of you and MA!

And good luck with whatever path you choose to take from now on.

I want to write a lot of things but I'm really sad.

With this, it's going to be finally the end of Aishite yaMAnai too.
I won't stop loving MA but I guess there isn't much of MA left to continue loving.
It's a heartbreaking news, although in a positive mood. I don't know how to feel about it.

This was all.

Also, thank you everyone for supporting this blog while I was writing it.
Always sharing your thoughts and information with me,
and enjoying many things about MA together, I will never forget it.

This was Nanami.


Nanami-san, you don`t go away? I know what it's all very sad, but there are also Maachin, which should be supported.
Geez, I can't imagine KinKi without MA, and especially without the "other" Tsuyoshi. I really hope Macchin and Yara stay for a while longer! :(
I'm a newbie KinKi fans and I love MA too because they are so attractive and I love them specially when MA with KinKi are the best. I like Yonehara san and I feel so sad that he left the Agency... :'(