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Make It Fun!

W E L C O M E!!!☆

☆ Fandom
→ This blog focuses on Musical Academy mainly.
→ This blog is friends only, but you do not have to add me to read fandom posts.
→ All translations, picspams and any kind of information sharing will be post publicly.
→ Comments are appreciated on posts but WEBCLAP is much easier way. It would make me really happy if you would choose one of these options.
→ Feel free to add to follow fandom posts easily. You will not be added back unless you comment in this post.

☆ Private
→ 90% English, 5% Japanese, 5& Turkish blog.
→ Surveys, fangirling, school are the main point of my Flocked posts.
→ Please comment here to be my friend. I do not add back unless you comment here.

☆ The person behind the blog
→ I do like reading fanfictions, as well as writing them (though rarely.)
→ I am a big fan of daisenpai Johnnys bands such as Hikaru Genji, Shounentai and The Goodbye.
→ I strongly dislike bands such as HSJ and snowprince or whatever jr bands.
→ My aikata is the best ♥

Please do not add me if you are one of those people who care very much about commenting because I hardly have time to comment even though I read all the posts. Feel free to IM me from #misosiru24 if you have any questions about MA or just felt like chatting.

That's it folks~ ♥

よろしく ~ ♪


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Eltim :D 2008 de 8 olucak Kanjani
☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ ♥ Eveeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!
Please add me? ;o; ♥ I'm officially on hiatus until June 5th, but after that, I'll be online again.

*offers hugs and a big smile* ;o;
♥ ♥ Ofcourse loooooooooveee !!! *hughughugs* \(^▽^*)\(^▽^*)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I hope it's okay if I add you again♥
We haven't talked much yet but I enjoyed what we already taked and I love the way you love Yokocho so much♥♥
They look so adorable! <3
Ofcourse it's okay!!!
I really love reading your entries, so I'm happy! ★

I found this as a banner actually
on a site that I don't remember now ;w;!
And edited it into a FO banner
But it really is sooo adorable I don't feel as bad as I should _| ̄|○
*pokes you*
Hiiiiiiii ♥
ehhhh, we've barely talked anymore so I don't know if you'd want to add me D: I wouldn't mind reading your entries though. I just suck with comments like ______________________________________ this much. :<
(@⌒ー⌒@) Ofcourse I want to add you!
Although we don't talk , I do read your entries (≧δ≦)
Though I failed at commenting with my other journal, so now I have this one.
It's okay if you don't comment ♥ I added you ☆
Can we be friends? ^.^
Suuure ♥ ! ^o^/.


Me love you long time ADD ME BACK 8D
Luv UFO x


luv mooooore ~~~~♥ ♥
domoooooooo ∩﹏∩ ♪
I just randomly found your journal!
Hope you don't mind me adding you ♥
you seem really interesting ∩▽∩

*hopes to know you moreee*
Hello! Sorry for the late reply ^_^! I added you, hope to hear more from you ^_^! I'm not really at my dorm right now so I can't be online much but from next week after, I'll be hoping to talk to you ^o^/. Take care!
Hello~! I stumbled across your pimp post on senpai love. ABSOLUTE TRUTH. ♥
Can we be friends? ^.^
Ofcourse ^--^)/ I'll be happy to~! Added!
Hii! kljdlkfasd, thank you very much, though it's like very rare that I manage to write pretty fics.

*adds you* ofcourse, hope you can deal with my random posts!
blogum Siyah içi Beyaz'a yorum yapmışsın ordan gördüm seni =D

eklersin sanırım beni de? =P
tamamdır :))
I hope you don't mind if I add you~~ <3 <3
^___^ofcourse not! hope you'll enjoy it, though my lj definitely failsXDD
hi can u accept me as yr friends? i love kinki kids and arashi but i love kinki most... dozo yorushiku (^_^)v
ofcourse XD nice to meet you.
Hello! :}
I'm interested in KinKi and I found many great things with them and other Johnny's in this journal. I check your journal often and I really would like to see your entries on my Friends Page :>
Could you add me?
HI! Wow you're checking my LJ? xDD That makes me happy! Okay, I'll add you ♥ I hope you won't regret adding me cause I spam quite a lot XD
we share a fandom, lets be friends? <3
HI! okay XDDD
Hello! ) I'd like to add you. ))
Hi! Hi! Added :))
I stumbled on your page
and your translations are fun to read can we be friends?
thanks! sure, added you.
Nice to meet you~
I'm a KinKi fan who just happened upon your blog...
I hope you don't mind me adding you as a friend...
If it's ok, could you add me back?

hello! sorry i just came back! ofcourse and added you back too ^o^/.
Would you mind if I friend you? =3
not at all :D! added you!
Add me, please?)
Your posts are really interesting, and I want to be friends^^
Added back :)! Though sorry, I'm really bad with commenting and such ;^;
Hi there,

i m a kk fan.. heard frm my fren, chaodiamonds that here has a interested blog.. pls add me..

oh ya.. Happy New Year!
Added. Happy new year!
Hi I'm KinKi fan, and I'd like to add you ^^
ok added you back!
... are you really taking new friends again? i would love to have you on my flist. i've recently fallen head over heels for ma, all of them, particularly machida (and yone) (okay and yara, and of course akki D:)

can we give friends a try?
Ah as I said, I was always open to new friends, I just wanted to seperate those who just added me for fandom posts with those who would seriously be friends with me (laugh) . I am adding you! Let's be friends~

♥ I am too seriously in love with them so I understand it very well (laugh)
Ooh, I've always wanted to know more about MA .Thanks for this!
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