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Jan. 8th, 2012

Make It Fun!

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Guys. GUYS


Just saying!
Make It Fun!

King KinKi Kids 2011-2012 Tokyo Dome 3rd Day concert Report

King KinKi Kids
2012.01.01 Report

★ I was staying at over rin_neechan's house during the concerts so in the morning we already had all the goods and stuff we needed, which we decided not to leave so early this time. (Because I only had skirts with me and it was freezing haha!) But I wanted to meet a Machida fan I know who found out she can make it to the concert afterall, so we got out slightly early. Just as we were about to leave, there was a big earthquake (M7).

★ Once we got there, I noticed this awesome thing. The people in the hotel near the Tokyo Dome had put out many uchiwas and message boards in their windows, from 剛♥ to a ferrari towel hahaha.

click for huge reportCollapse )

Coming up next, Look at Star cross interview and Yone's Jweb translations. I'll do them soon, I swear.

PS. Here is another report of the same day by iceblueaya. She remembers the KinKi parts more detailed (since I'm not embarrassed to admit I was staring at MA all through the concert and have no proper recollection of anything else.)

Kind of related while kind of not but I'm always kind of upset when KinKi fans don't care about MA :( Is it just me?

Jan. 2nd, 2012

Make It Fun!

King KinKi Kids 2011-2012 Tokyo Dome 2nd Day concert Report

King・Kinki Kids 12/31 Tokyo DOME

ARENA SEATS! It was the best ever! I actually had eyecontact with Tsuyoshi! Even if he doesn't remember or whatever, his gaze is so strong!!

★ At the beginning while they were moving from the center stage to the main stage with the trucks, Koichi was quite fast compared to Tsuyoshi, so in order to make it to the stage together, Koichi stopped in the midway, waiting for Tsuyoshi. After the song ended and they made it to the stage; Koichi said that the happening was right from the beginning. Apparently a manjuu was stuck to where Tsuyoshi was so he couldn't keep on moving. Koichi asks who it was and Tsuyoshi contunies to complain that there were like 5-6 of manjuus together. Koichi asks again who it was that dropped it and Tsuyoshi says "Please be careful with the things you drop." And because it was still in the middle of songs,
K: "We didn't mean to talk at this part..." (a sudden MC! haha )But it was where they introduced themselves
K: This is Domoto Koichi who is 32 years old for just few more hours as the year ends (something like that ...)
T: You're all so cute.
And while everyone goes Kyaaaaa, Koichi has this no way! expression
K: That's definitely a lie.
But Tsuyoshi doesn't change his expression, shaking his head and asks us for how deep we can fall for him and says he's Domoto Tsuyoshi.
Everyone is kya~~~ing but Koichi is not impressed at all.
"You definitely don't think that."
T: "What do you think of this character?"
The response was ofcourse, positive from the fans.

★ Tsuyoshi was still using the Phi case.

★ K: All those people at the very top, we can see you too.
T: That's kind of impossible
Then Koichi protests,
K: Actually when you're at this age, you can see far ahead better than the close. ( pointing to the fans at 2nd floor and then the arena seats.)
T: (laughs) Hyper Grandpa. Hyper Grandpa Koichi-san.
K: I can see right down to the facial features to the people at the most back. Like your nose is around this place, right?
T: It's the same for everyone!

★ K: A while ago too, the first day of Dome...
T: Yesterday?
K: Eh? It was yesterday?
T: You're super hyper Grandpa...
hahah Koichi was saying it as if the first day of the Dome Concerts started few days ago but it was just yesterday. To him it seemed longer and Tsuyoshi just can't believe him.

★ Tsuyoshi wore the King Kinki Kids Parka again for the MC.
T: You guys never saw Koichi in this Parka right?
Audience; we didn't!
T: You want him to wear it don't you
A: Ye~s

Then Koichi finally gives in and decides to wear it too. But he can't find his parka and he's looking around for it. Then someone from backstage hands him the parka and he looks at it.

★ Koichi takes his time putting the parka on, turning it over and over and over and he just can't seem to find where he can put his arms in. He struggles a lot but eventually manages to put it on. He then pulls the zipper way up high and closes most his face with the head part so that only his nose and mouth is visible. Then Tsuyoshi mentions eye-man so Koichi makes it that so only his left eye is visible. hahaha.

★ Then they advertise the parka like they did the day before,
T: When you put on this parka, even if you're a grandpa or grandma, or a foreigner, you become Kids! (beause the chest part says Kids and the hood says KinKi)

★ It seems everyone is really into it because it's so warm. Dancers, Yara, Machida, Yone and everyone is wearing the parka all the time so Koichi is like LOL. about it because everyone was wearing the parka during the rehearsals and he thought he mistook the place and came to EXILE's rehearsal instead. ( the problem with it is that it's quite huge but I tried the one my friend bought and it was kind of tight, so I didn't buy it. )

★ K: oh! speaking of Exile.
T: I got it ne. At the Super Live, you became EXILE for a moment ne.
K: I did ne.
T: During Mste, I was about to go out from the dressing room but at that moment EXILE-niisan (older brothers) ne,
eh why am I calling them niisan. Anyway, EXILE ne, they were walking down the corridor so I decided to wait and go out after they all go and kept waiting but they kept coming and coming and the EXILE line didn't stop at all! Inside the EXILE line, Koichi was walking with them. For a moment he was inside the EXILE but he realized it quickly and came back.

★ Then Koichi says he thought it was wrong, because he's not that dark skinned and Tsuyoshi says he's quite fair skinned. Then they do the monomane to EXILE dance and they're really good.

★ During M-ste, Leader was quite a fan of GAGAsama. They make fun of him saying that they wanted to see Leader make Lady Gaga laugh because that would be so cool but Leader got all nervous because he's a fan. Then they say it was probably because he kept staring at her butt.

★ At Countdown rehearsals to Koichis room, Uekusa-san came over. And then Nagase popped up from the door and just like that they started talkin about fishing in his room and Koichi couldn't follow it at all.

K: Is this how people feel when I talk about F1?

It was really cute because it seems that Koichi only realized it then how people felt when he talks about cars and such. Then Tsuyoshi says that the fans are different because they want to learn about what Koichi likes because they like him. It was really cute.

★ Oh, I forgot so adding it right here. Since Koichi was wearing the parka in the Mc, he suddenly puts his hands in the pockets and takes out these gloves that are quite tough looking. Tsuyoshi is like hold on a second! And Koichi looks sheepish. It's obviously not Koichis parka.
T: Were you working on doing the set earlier? (because it was gloves for staff possibly seeting the stage) Koichi puts the gloves back but he can't rest easy so he keeps playing with his pocket and the gloves. After the MC ends, he was going back to give the parka and hands it to someone with a laugh saying "It was yours?!" but I don't know who.

★ Another Countdown story with Shonentai this time! Koichi was at the backstage before the rehearsals started and he hears staff saying that the rehearsals are about the start and Higashiyama-san is already there. IT was surprising to him because like, he was there so early! haha. Well he goes there and sees Shounentai in the middle of a meeting. He stands back and watches because he thinks it's really cool, his senpai are doing a meeting.

Uekusa-san and Higashiyama has a fight and Uekusa-san is like, "I definitely won't do what Higashi arranged!" And Tsuyoshi talks to him like Higashiyama-san has his own thoughts and tries to soothe down the mood. Their monomane was hilarious!

★ Another airport story! While coming back from LA, I think, Koichi doesn't have any problems until he's about the board the plane but then someone stops him asking him to come to the back to check his luggage. He says Okay and goes with them to this room. They ask him if it's OK to check him and he's like, sure sure. They tell him they're going to search him and stuff. Tsuyoshi is all skeptical about it. They touch his body to check it and then they're like, Ok. and Koichi is ???okay. They ask him if it's alright if they check his bag, and do a very light search for that too and he goes ???okay again. Then they let him go. Tsuyoshi says it was probably just that they wanted to touch Koichi.

★ Kiken na kankei, the song meaning is Dangerous Relation. The song is about two guys.
K: When we say two guys, I bet you all think that but it's not a homo relationship or anything like that!

It seems that the song was written with KinKi's image, for them. fjdsklafjakldsfasdfka!! Please listen to it again and pay attention to the lyrics ahah. It seems like someone wrote a KinKi Kids fanfic and made them sing it. It's just perfect. There's a good translation here.

Well after Koichi said that it was between two men , everyone got all excited and they were like, tch, you fans. Because we went Foo~ Koichi pretended to be hard gay and made Tsuyoshi laugh.
T: Wait a second , do you understand the difference between homo and hard gay?
K: I don't ★ (laughs)
It was really cute!

★ We sang Motto Motto together with KinKi Kids again.

★ At the ending greetings

K: Well, then, let's start with CO2.
Hall: *silent because no one understands who that is supposed to be.
K: I tried saying it from the back. CO2.
T: It'll come up later as tags in twitter and the internet ne...
( Shi-o-tsu → Tsuyoshi )
↑ Fans actually made that tag in the end haha.

★K: Nke-san.
(he got really into introducing people from the backwards.
He introduced Ken san that way too and Ken-san was waving and holding hands with the female guitarist as they ran away, taking one of the silver tapes and waving it around.
T: Children...

★ K: It was Mou-yu!
4u: *falls down!*
Kinki both acts surprised wondering if they got the name wrong. 4U keeps desperately trying to get KinKi to introduce them right.
T: It was So-yu.
This time 4U falls down again and Koichi joins them as well as MA, throwing the gold tapes on the stage and playing around in them while shouting it's a treasure, it's a treasure!
When they all seperate because Tsuyoshi is looking at them like he's the mother of 8 hyper kids, Tatsumi is holding a lot of gold tapes in his hand and looking innocent.

T: Tatsumi are you stealing the treasures?
He still looks innocent, silver tapes coming out of his pockets.

Then KinKi tells him to put it back because they're going to use them in the next concert too. Since it's Eco recently, they don't want to waste it hahahah.

★ After they properly introduce 4 U,
K: Hanayone-san!
Yone ♥ He doesn't protest or does anything, accepting the introduction as it is. fdakfag he was so cute. He wasn't bothered by it at all fdsjkfla.
K: Tamachi-san! Damachi-san!
Machida comes out saying Yes! I'm Tamachi! all proudly and Tsuyoshi laughs.
T: what's that, "Yes!I'm Tamachi!". You're not. (laughs)
K: Raya-san!
Yaracchiiiiiiiiiiiiii dfjslafjalf. ♥

★ T: We were...Zukki...Zzuki...
Tsuyoshi tries to say KinKi Kids from backwards but Koichi cuts him off because it's troublesome.
K: It was KinKi Kids!

MA and Song partsCollapse )
Make It Fun!

King KinKi Kids 2011-2012 Tokyo Dome 1st Day concert Report

King・Kinki Kids 12/30 Tokyo DOME

I'm sure you all could get your hands on the set list, so I'm starting with my super "Omg I just left the concert and I'm sending these flailings from my cellphone" part of the report for your entertainment, Excuse the lack of timeline!

★ During Harmony of December at the part "It seems like it'll snow again tonight", there was snow falling on stage and it kept snowing both for real and on screen. Koichi was looking up and suddenly starts to cough and can't sing a part. Afterwards in the MC he said that it wasn't because he caught a cold but because he was staring at the snow and it gets inside his mouth and makes him cough haha. Tsuyoshi then teases him that he coughed at the worst timing. It was like saying in a couple situation: "We've been going out for 7 years now... Will you marcoughcoughcoughcough"

★ Tsuyoshi tsukkomis their own stage. "What's the meaning of having snow fall at where we're singing "It seems like it'll snow again tonight". It's perfectly snowing! It should have been "It seems like it's snowing again tonight". (Konya mo yuki ga furisou da ne → konya mo yuki ga futteru da ne. ) Then Koichi says he can't do it because that's not what the lyrics are.

★ Koichi absolutely gorgeous and he flew right towards us and up in these ballons (encore). I think he saw us because we shouted and he looked our way but i can't be sure ofcourse.

★ They talked about the earthquake and Koichi asked Tsuyo that he was always curious what he was doing at that time and Tsuyoshi was at thirtysomething floor and the building shook for like 7 minutes. He was trying to close the window but kept failing because it was shaking so strongly. In the end he had sat down girly, giving up. He put his dog in the bag and got out the house. By the way, he was worried about Koichi so he called their manager because he was worried if Koichi was flying or not or what during that time. ("Are you flying? Are you not flying? Which one is it!") He did it slightly comically, then again mimicking someone but I'm lazy to actually look up his name right now. Their manager said Koichi was fine, so Tsuyoshi said, OK because I have alot of stuff going on right now over here, I'll call back again later.

★ It was really lucky that Endless Shock had been in the break. Koichi explains what he was doing with exeggrated actions, like putting on his heavy outfit with big moves and Tsuyoshi tsukkomis him by telling him to wear it slightly cooler. Well Koichi is only half dressed up when it happens, then he thinks everyone must be panicking and goes out to talk to someone. But no one is talking to him so he goes back to his room and dressed up, putting on the TV and watching the news, thinking it was a really big earthquake. Then one of the staff comes in panicking, "What are you doing?! Everyone is running away!!" and Koichi is surprised but then he ran away as well. By running away, ofcourse he just went back to the agency to talk about how to give back the money for the tickets......

★ In one of the instrumental breaks, Tsuyoshi is dancing rea~lly cool and MA dances with him. Afterwards Koichi appears alone and plays with the lasers. He moves them around with his hand and such. In the MC they are talking about what had changed since Koichi becomes 33. Koichi said that he will be getting a year older. Besides the obvious, he can actually make lasers come out from him naturally. Now we all thought he was just playing with the lasers that were already in the set up but no, they came out from his body! So Tsuyoshi calls him Domoto Laser. And Koichi laughs, telling him to at least make it a cooler nickname.

★ They are talking about small things that are unlucky which happens to him and Kou says that those stuff happen a lot to him, because he has bad luck. Yesterday too , he decides to eat sukiyaki at home and sets it in the living room, opening the TV. He finishes his vegetables first, then everyone goes Eeeeeeeeeh, including Tsuyoshi, but Koichi gets defensive because it's not the main part of his story. Tsuyoshi says that you don't usually eat vegetables first, it's either the meat or you eat them together but Koichi likes leaving the meat to the last. Anyway, he finishes his vegetables and is about to eat the meat. Just before he actually start, the electrics go BA~N! He had been using too much electricty so the powers go out before he could eat the meat. He wishes that it went off during vegetables. He thinks to himself; Koichi-san, you are using too much electricity.

★ Then Tsuyoshi asks Koichi what was the most small unlucky thing that happened to him lately. Koichi thinks and is like, you know, at airports I always go bee-p. So a while ago at Osaka, he is ready and takes off his belt and stuff super fashionably, and goes through the thing. But he goes Bee-p again anyway and he realized it was because of the button of his jeans. He takes them off too and the shoes and goes through it and it's alright. Everyone laughs because that's the end of the story and there's not much to continue from it.

★ So this time Koichi asks Tsuyoshi what was his small thing? Tsuyoshi's manager is sick and coughing so it makes him angry when manager doesn't put on a mask. He has been telling him to put on a mask when he's sick for 7-8 years but he never does. So Tsuyoshi got really angry this time saying "i'm a singer! It'll be bad if I catch a cold. while you are complaining about this and that at the backstage I'm sparkling on the stage!" So after that his manager nods and takes out a mask from his pockeet, and Tsuyoshi is shocked because "If you are carrying it, why are you not putting it on!?" Well, after that they are talking about this and that and Tsuyoshi leans in to point something out, talking about work, and manager leans in to reply as well, takes off his mask, speaks, puts his mask back on and goes back. Tsuyoshi gets angry again because if you are taking it off while you speak then what's the meaning of having it on in the first place? Koichi just smiles and nods saying "aah. those people exist na"

★ Koichi is in a really strange high tension so Tsuyoshi asks him if he had been drinking. Koichi wasn't drinking but he heard that the snow that was falling had alcohol in it so maybe because of that he's been in a good mood.

★ About the earthquake MC again, Tsuyoshi left his building with his dog and when he was outside, a grandma stuck to him, holding his butt and going "I'm scared I'm scared" Tsuyoshi kindly moves her hands up to his back, trying to calm her down but she keeps changing her hands back to his butt haha. In the end the woman says "I'm going to the south!". Tsuyoshi has no idea where south is like so he points somewhere and says he's going to that direction so she should just stay here. I think he goes to the agency after that.

★ During the MC Tsuyoshi was wearing the KinKi Kids parka. He says it's because he wants it to sell. At some part Koichi says "and then, our new single coming out, Kawatta katachi no ishi..." And Tsuyoshi is like "!!!". Koichi continues by saying "Yoroshiku onegaishimasu"(in other ways he wants us to buy it haha) Tsuyoshi then gives out a breath and shouts at him "Oi you, I was thinking what sort of timing is that to start singing just like that." Then he mimics Koichi's "please listen to this song" tone by saying "Then, our new song, ... yoroshiku onegaishimasu *bow*" it was funny because I also thought they were ending MC when Koichi said that haha.

★ During the MC, Koichi said that they received baby star goods for Christmas. And one of the goods was reaaaally delicious and it wasn't on sale, it was a really VIP food. Tsuyoshi didn't realize that. But Koichi says he should eat it and Tsuyoshi goes, heee. Then Koichi is silent and so is Tsuyoshi and so are all of the fans. For few seconds there was a complete silence in the Dome ( and I mean a complete silence! )and Koichi cracked up while Tsuyoshi looked like he just wanted to headpalm. K: "I love this. Just for moment the whole Tokyo Dome, all 55000people went silent!" T: "This was a failure just now. It was one of those moments where I thought you had more to say and you didn't." Koichi laughs some more, really amused. "Imagine this, in the whole space, if we keep zooming in, there's the earth, then there's Japan, then there's Tokyo, and Tokyo Dome and inside there are 55000 all going silent for one moment. It's amazing." and to that Tsuyoshi laughs going all, "You shouldn't brought in the space into this. It makes it look so small and not impressive at all"

Now on with the parts I remember that had MA i it!

MA side of the reportCollapse )

Jan. 1st, 2012

Make It Fun!


Remember months ago I was all sad because JE no longer had MA written for YoneYaraMachi?

In Johnnys Mobile, Yonehana, Yara, Machida all are under MA!



Happiness, seriously happiness.
Make It Fun!

Tokyo Dome 3 DAYS

I went to see KinKi Kids at Tokyo Dome for the past 3 days! 2nd floor for 30.12, Arena seats for 31.12 and 1st floor for 1.1 !

I actually had eye contact with Tsuyoshi when I was in Arena Seats! And Yaracchi was dancing right infront of me but I don't know if he could hear my voice or saw my uchiwa! Maachin too, at the beginning was dancing real close to where I was!! I never got to scream my undying love for Yone because he never came close to where I was hahaa. But today I screamed my lungs out so maybe he felt the wind coming from my lungs haha.

I have concert reports written up so I will soon share them! Before that, here is what I really need to tell you guys from today's concert!

!!! Yaracchi is actually one of the choreographers for SHOCK this year! I KNEW he was going to be Sanche2! God, Yara, I'm so freaking proud of you. He had black hair and looked amazing.

There was also a part that MA and 4U dancing before the passion song of KinKi. It really seems like it was Yara's choreo because everyone was great at showing their dance styles. Also MA was dancing together. MA WAS DANCING TOGETHER AND I CRIED BECAUSE IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL AND THEY WERE TOGETHER!

I don't want to flail all about it without writing a proper report but I just want to say that Yone was looking terribly hot, Yaracchi was amazing and Maachin is perfect and yes this is my MA fangirlism peeking out.

Cutting the 1.1 flailing to say,

HAVE YOU GUYS seen the Countdown!?!! You could see MA! During Andalucia, Kouchan's hat apparently went missing and at today's MC Koichi said that it was Yone who caught it apparently.

Super cool but Yone danced some more just to catch the hat and that move was so cool!

Also there was a DVD recording, double encore (secret code!) and we all sang Koichi happy birthday !

Koichi's birthday presents from Tsuyo was, super red underpants that write Emergency pants on it. because he likes games. Hair tonic, because he likes games, and Koichi says he can actually use that one haha. Also Life board game, because he likes games. (Tsuyoshi, to 4u: you can change your occupation with this!, kou: but I don't wanna change my work. ) he also wrote 毛無 on a paper (readen as Ge-mu (game) meaning (no hair) )

I will start writing a report really soon so sorry for so many spoilers already! See you again soon!

(PS I have a friend now who is a Machida fan! She is absolutely adorable and I want her as my sister or something. She was wearing a Gachapin kigurumi so I thought maybe she was a Yone fan , she was sitting few seats behind me but I didn't have the courage to speak up. At the member introductions she actually was holding a Machida uchiwa and screamed his name. after the con ended I still didn't have the courage but they were leaving from my side of the seats so I actually spoke up when they didn't leave quickly and we hit it off!!! I am really happy to have met her! I actually met her again today and gave her one of the tapes I caught when I was at the arena seats!)

Dec. 25th, 2011

Make It Fun!

(no subject)


OK SO thiS Is my fault but why didn't anyone tell me YARA IS DANCING WITH MA AGAIN


even though my uchiwa skillz suck

May. 22nd, 2011

Make It Fun!

(no subject)

All of you who are in Japan, do you want to meet sometime XD;

It's kind of lonely here....

Apr. 10th, 2011

Make It Fun!


Well I'm going ! I researched and found out that it's nothing to panic about and my teachers were just making a big deal out of it.

japone is where I'll be updating about my Japan trip! Buuuut. it's in Turkish. Maybe I'll write the English too. I'll let you know again.

By the way I got a haircut :D You can see it in that blog as well.

Talk to you guys soon! \(^o^)

Apr. 3rd, 2011

Make It Fun!



After 11.04.2011, 7.20pm

I will be officially in Tokyo. ♫



( I'm so tired I can't even properly keysmash about this!ksdlsafda )

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